Creative solutions that connect brands with consumers


We strive to always give a business or an offer a fresh new take. We try to kick-start internal processes and we work as a catalyst to achieve growth. It doesn't matter who brings the idea home, its that we create something better! 

Our way of working is straight-forward. By having senior professionals involved in conceptual and product design, brand & communications, we cover big parts of the value chain. In short, we design businesses holistically. 

As a team we are focused on tailoring each project to our clients needs. Based on them, we can if needed bring in experts in specific market segments. It is this general understanding of branding & design combined with expert knowledge that allows us to generate solutions that are loved, and that lasts.


We are often called upon to help optimise a visual profile, an offer or product. It can be modifications to existing designs, a complete rethink or the launch of a new business. 

It has become increasingly important to set yourself apart from competition by with a clear visual identity and unique selling propositions. The development of product & packaging must be integrated with a well formalized go-to-market strategy, starting with a clearly defined target audience and analysis of that customer. We are used to this process and can lead, support or assist throughout your development.

Guiding Principles

Behavior   - Understand your Target Audience. Their Why and How.
Focus   - Add value to your Core Customer.
Simplicity    - Find the essence, the pure state of something before building on it.

Why Matters

Heritage. Honesty. Authenticity. These are pillars to build on to create lasting connections between brands and consumers. At Visual ID we work and create to connect. Connect with clients, with their customers and with each other.

Feel free to reach out. Say hi. Connect.

We Thrive On Change

Weather you are making a product, raising a building, or explaining a new business process, there are few ways to better align visions and reach a mutual understanding, then with help of visual conceptualization.

VISUAL ID help clients realize visions through designs, sketches, and 3D renderings. If you have an outside stakeholder that need to be part of a development process, we help present drafts and absorb feedback, showing how new input are included and applied instantly through quick updates.. This way of working makes the partner highly vested in the development, which greatly reduces decision-making time, equalling real monetary savings. 

Occasionally, this rapid-development-concept has been the single most valuable tool to get approvals and make a proposal become reality.