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Indoor Positioning only using the Smart Phone

The tt2 system, developed by the Swedish company Virtual Stores, is based on advanced algorithms, a new way of using smartphone hardware components, as well as sophisticated server functionality. This enables to create a revolutionary indoor positioning system requiring no supplementary hardware, like ibeacons or UWB (ultra-wide band). Visual ID were responsible for finding graphical interfaces and functional integration in the UX design.

A smart personal indoor GPS

It's a smart personal indoor GPS that knows the entire floor plan and merchandise arrangement of the customers favourite supermarket or boutique. Imagine creating a shopping list – and then being guided the quickest way through the store by your phone.

True personalization on customers terms

Today’s consumers have three priorities – shopping needs to be quick, they want smart gadgets and they want personalised offers. The tt2 ticks all the boxes.

tt2 system offer consumer functions

The main function for the tt2 system is to scan items and easy pay at self-check. But the customer journey with this digital guide includes a powerful search and way finding in the store. Personal settings and filters for News, Offers and a guide for products the customer really need and want, for example eco friendly products. The customers personal shopping list is shown on the store map. Each item in the purchase list will be shown with real time updates depending om how the customer is moving. tt2 gives the customer inspiration with the recipe function and will guide to find the ingredients.