Creative solutions that connect brands with consumers

Sustainable production of construction boards made out of organic waste material.

When Our Ecolution wanted to go global with their products and offerings, they chose Visual ID. With design solutions that cover an upgraded brand platform but also by creating possibilities for the product in various contexts. Visual ID acts as a catalyst for strategic decisions.

Design is about investigating, developing, analyzing and proposing new marketing concepts and activities for strategic focus.

The vision of Our Ecolution is to be the most economic and environmental friendly building concept that´s ever been. A concept that solve the environmental issues by being ecofriendly and recyclable. A concept that creates a new way of manage constructions of buildings and interior. A concept that are so flexible it can be local whenever needed. 

To make this we created OUR/ACADEMY to educate the next generation builders, certified and ready to build for the future.


A concept that creates a commitment to ecological construction in the local environment

Material and production at the local market in an economic and environmental friendly way.