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Visual ID designed these luxury earphones as well as developed the brand and visual identity. The unique Y-ornament is sculpted from a single piece of metal and plated in rosé, white & yellow gold which then is secured by hand on textile wrapped cords and high-performance earbuds.

Branding & Communications

The name, logo and entire visual identity was set up in a couple months. 

Production contracts were made with audio professionals who had previously worked with sennheiser and other top brands.

Product and lifestyle images where rendered and photographed, a website was designed and a PR campaign was executed, all without a big budget to work with.

In short, an entire company was launched by way of hustle, and huge learning experience for our team.

Design & Audio

YNOIR’s unique earphone design has a focus centrally, where the cords meet, instead of like other manufacturers, up by the earbuds. The result is an elegant piece of jewelry plated in 18K gold, hanging visibly on the wearer's chest.

The in-ear design is made by audio professionals with vast experience from creating great sound in small packages. YNOIR earphones form an acoustic seal and make the ear canal part of the earphone "system". It isolates you from ambient noise, thus requiring a lower volume, increasing audio quality.


Since YNOIR was on the pricier side we made the packaging look and feel great as a gift, figuring that both men and women could buy them for themselves and their partner.  

The color, size, weight, look & feel was all made to enhance the style of the earphones. It looks like stylish, it can hang, lay or stand.  It is just heavy enough to feel exclusive and it looks different from all other earbuds on the market today.

The packaging material has a rubber coating making it soft to the touch and inside the box are a small leather carry-bag and several sizes ear-tips to fit audiophiles of all shapes and sizes.

Social Media

Over the course of 1 year we developed social media assets and strategy to help drive traffic to YNOIR web. The Instagram account had 11000 followers and Facebook 3000+ in June 2017 when the accounts were handed over to successor.