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The start of KIAs OMNI-channel journey and implementation of the new brand

Adapt to change

Uber Eats, Amazon and Netflix are great examples of businesses that have adapted to suit the way that people consume. They have jumped ahead of the curve and guided their respective industries in growth and development.

Just like dining, shopping and entertainment, the car buying experience that people prefer is changing.


The purpose of the project was to present KIA's new line of electric cars to the customers with an OMNI-channel solution, as well as support the resellers to start adapting to KIA's new brand guidelines. The retail area around the new electric cars is a natural place to start implementing the new brand for all those retailers that will not be able to make a complete "overnight"brand update to their facilities.


We work in close collaboration with our friends at KIA to find a concept ideas to move forward with. A selection of the concepts are presented to a group of KIAs retailers so that we can get their valuable input at an early stage in the process.


Most customers will jump in between retail channels in their buying process. The unit acts as a link in between the physical retail location and the customer's experience from KIA's online channels. Both in functionality and brand comprehension. It can be used either by the customers themselves, or as a sales tool for the sales representatives. It is meant to be a distinctive experience in the sales process, not a repetition of the content online. We achieve this by combining the best attributes from the online channels together with the unique possibilities that a physical space offers.


The concept is developed with a dynamic approach. It can be implemented in small as well as large spaces, while keeping the number of specific parts to a minimum. This allows us to be cost and time efficient. We take responibility for the complete project - Design, technical integration, production and the actual rollout at 80 retailers across sweden.

interconnected technology

The units within the installation are interconnected, and have the ability to update content simultaneously. The complete installation can change content depending on user input from one touch point, or we can remotely switch between presentations to address different products of our choosing. This allows us to address each customer individually, depending on their questions and needs we can present content that is relevant to them.

Adding functionality

The units are prepared so that we can add more functionality, such as VR-sets or charging handles. This allows us to give the customers an even more tangible understanding of the electric car experience from KIA.

a connection point

The unit acts as an connection point to the other channels and functionality. We can for example use the unit to showcase the car for online-user via video link. It is also possible for the customers to use a VR-headsets at the installation to access other experiences.

Custom interactive sales material

The sales material is made to work both as an aid for the sales personal, or for a customer that wants to explore by themselves.

mirror mirror

The mirror surfaces in the unit can be striped to create exiting effects. We can also add digital features that shines through from behind the mirrored surface, creating an futuristic look.

"totem setup"

The small unit offers the same functionality, but as limited space for add-ons

"frame" setup

The bigger setup offers more space for add-on functionality and has seating within the frame

custom setup

The concept has been optimized with two main sizes to be cost and time effectice in the rollout, but it is also possible to create custom setups.