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ILSE JACOBSEN styles embrace relaxed elegance and smart casuals, inspired by nature. The brand is deeply grounded in Hornbæk, famous for the relaxed atmosphere around its small harbour, their dunes and sandy beaches.

ILSE designs ready-to-wear, rubber & rain, bags and accessories, for the Scandinavian lifestyle and modern urban living.

Stylish Rubber Footwear

Visual ID was contacted to come up with a new, updated direction for ILSE rubber footwear. Our work resulted in new styles and an overall younger direction for their modern boots. We are excited to have been part of Ilses journey. It is a refined brand with a elegant look which we regard highly.


The footwear industry moves fast with new innovations and brands being announced frequently. Demand for leisure/sports footwear has never been bigger and is constantly growing with the top players projecting double digit YOY growth.

Its a noisy world that requires something special to be able to catch the attention of consumers. We believe in strong stories, a sprinkle of attitude, and product variation.


These handmade minimalistic rain boots can withstand even the hardest torrential downpour. We have chosen to make our rain boots out of the finest single-estate natural rubber from sustainable harvests. This pure, natural rubber is mixed with our own secret recipe, making the fundamental composition 52% pure, natural rubber and 48% secret recipe. Entirely PVC-free, our boots contain no animal by-products. The result is a sturdy and reliable companion for rainy days. To make sure that your feet stay dry and comfortable, we have lined this edition with a special summer lining made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. In addition to this, we have placed comfortable soles in them, made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. We have developed a special anti-ice sole that has a rough surface, providing the best possible traction in slippery and icy conditions. The cold won’t ruin your rain boots either - our soles are made of lightweight EVA, withstanding temperatures down to -40 °C, and our rubber uppers withstand temperatures down to -20 °C.