In todays crowded and very noisy marketplace where more and more companies and brands fight for the consumers attention a strong and very clear identity is of essence. Identity is not only about the logo but equally important it is about the strategic direction that ensures consistency of a brand long-term and as a result the trust and loyalty a consumer has in a brand. The first steps are often the hardest and historically innovation success rates aren’t the best. From first idea to a final product or service is a long way and there are chances that the end result does not necessarily align with the initial idea. Be it a product idea or a change to a brands direction or identity, through workshops we help visualize first ideas and act as a sounding board to determine the most efficient way forward. Refreshing a brand, a total re-set of a brand or the creation a totally new brand… These are all scenarios that are familiar to us and that we can relate to based on our many years of experience within the industry.

The visualization of potential future identities and brand directions helps to define a brands look and feel