VID is your partner in the creation of brand identity and strategy, as well as product and retail solutions, that help build the bridge between a brands vision and the end consumer.

A strategic design agency at its core, VID is a collaboration of experienced individuals from different backgrounds with combined skills of global business management, design, product development and production. As a result we are able to deliver state of the art product concepts that are commercially and trend relevant, always with the end consumer in mind. A global collaborative network of customers and influencers help us maximize the potential of our projects.

By working closely with a companies teams we build a natural bridge between a brands vision/goals and the actual product launch.

Fast execution and communication, being in constant touch with customers, consumers, and fast evolving market trends as well as delivering concepts with a clear point of view are key to us. “Better products and services, faster” is our guiding principle.



At VID we are inspired by the challenge to live up to the continual evolution of todays fast moving global environment.

Our way of working is simple. By focusing on market research, concept/product design and development, production as well as a brands identity and strategy we make sure to cover big parts of the value chain. This allows us to release a quality product to the end consumer with the brand mantra intact. This even allows us to create a totally new brand from scratch.

The experience of working for sporting goods companies in various areas around the world has enabled us to understand the dynamics in the industry and how to create tailor made GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGIES.

On the DESIGN & CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT side we benefit from a strong industrial design background that naturally engages us in the interaction between brand, product and end consumer. As a result, design for us does not stop at visual characteristics but rather considers the overall consumer experience. The question we ask is not only how a product should look like but how it interacts with the consumer. Experience in PRODUCT LINE MANAGEMENT and PRODUCTION helps us to build a targeted product portfolio.

Being able to leverage our experience from creating retail solutions for various industries enables us to provide the full package, including fresh and relevant RETAIL Solutions

As a team we are focused on tailoring each project to our customers needs. Based on the knowledge that we gain, we are able to bring in experts to each part of our portfolio. Through the different competencies and constant exchange each individual segment will gain from us having a combined knowledge of the complete process.


Creative solutions that connect brands with consumers